Haridwar (Uttarakhand) [India], October 1: Every so often, there comes a fitness brand that does not fail to impress in one or more aspects, such as the current case of the innovative, cruelty-free, and affordable supplement brand Leopard Nutrition. This brand has proven that attaining envisioned fitness goals has to be neither challenging nor lengthy, even on a budget. All it takes is the ‘will’ to make it happen alongside one of its well-developed supplements that target what is being sought. With this in mind, Leopard Nutrition is offering special offers of up to 60% off without any coupon code in this festive season.  An additional discount of 10% storewide on the first purchase with code WELCOME10 and a 10% off storewide offer on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti with OCT02 code are available. Gandhi Jayanti special offer can be availed till midnight of October 2nd.

Leopard Nutrition’s founders and CEOs are the well-respected and highly-knowledgeable fitness gurus Ashish Goel and Amit Gupta. When they began their fitness journey, they resorted to the “best of the best”. Nonetheless, they made several negative discoveries about them. There has always been a lack of workout supplements that are effective, safe, affordable, well-made, cruelty-free, and easy to integrate into a routine. In India, these subpar supplements from foreign brands come accompanied by high taxes, making them inaccessible to most men and women. Without excellent formulation and affordable workout supplements, pursuing bodybuilding can be pretty challenging for numerous fitness enthusiasts. Goel and Gupta took note of these downfalls and decided to do something meaningful. These wise fitness gurus embarked on a journey to create a workout supplement brand that could cut down unnecessary charges without compromising quality in any aspect. After careful research and impeccable formulation development, the Leopard Nutrition brand was born and rapidly acquired a loyal following.

The objective of Leopard Nutrition is to make bodybuilding accessible to men and women who have fitness goals but cannot afford pricey high-quality supplements to attain them. Leopard Nutrition has stood out due to being a trustworthy and reliable supplement brand on the Indian market. Numerous men and women around the globe are giving it the time of day and noting results fast and efficiently when products are implemented to a routine as directed.

Leopard Nutrition has taken the market by storm with its safe micronutrients, proteins, and post and pre-workout bodybuilding supplements. The quality of these products is never compromised. For every single batch produced, in-house lab testing is implemented. These supplements are manufactured in FSAAI licensed, FDA approved, GMP certified ISO compliant facilities and are accredited by every international and Indian authenticity certification.

No matter what the fitness goal is, Leopard Nutrition can help attain it. It provides supplements for fat burning, muscle building, performance boost, weight gain, etc. Extensive research backs every supplement; instructions per product are clear and easy to follow. Nonetheless, if any product purchased is returned, there is a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

“Great pre-workout! If you are a gym lover and want to lift heavy weights, the pre-workout supplement is best. For someone who goes to the gym during nighttime after office, this is very helpful.”

Poojitha, satisfied Leopard Nutrition consumer.

Every formulation entails raw materials procured from the source directly from highly reputable suppliers. Before reaching the production line, every formulation is lab tested and certified. Only top quality products pass through rigorous quality checks.

The Leopard Nutrition brand has acquired hundreds upon hundreds of positive reviews from consumers. There is no indication that this will come to a halt soon. Every day, more people are discovering its top-of-the-line supplements. They are also jumping on the bandwagon to note excellent results, as well.

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