Founder Rohit Dhingra and Ullas Narain

New Delhi [India], September 6: Infinite Health Solution collaborates with various hospitals and labs to offer end-user customized Health programs and solutions. The list of hospitals and las they are now associated with are Dr. Lal PathLabs, SRL, Metropolis, Neuberg, My Labs, Divoc, NM Medical, Max Healthcare, Apollo Hospitals, and Fortis.  Infinite Health Solution is also focused on COVID 19 test and vaccination drives to help everyone. The idea is to provide better health and fitness solution to people and make them aware of the potential risks. As per the founder of the company Rohit Dhingra, Infinite health Solutions is committed to providing health and fitness programs to tier 2 and small towns citizens.

Increasing workload and failing to meet work demand is becoming a major cause of health issues in employees and leading to a stressful corporate life. Fed up from his deteriorating health, Rohit Dhingra, a full-time corporate employee, took charge of his health and started Yoga to improve his health.

About Infinite Health Solution

Founded in 2013 by Rohit Dhingra, UllasNarain, and Surendra Singh (Exited), Infinite Health Studios offers 360-degree comprehensive healthcare & wellness solutions. Sudhir Dhingra (Additional Director) and a few stakeholders would be seen to step in for this formation.

Started with INR 90,000 of investment, Infinite Health Studios has clocked over 7-8 crores of revenue. The startup has marked its presence pan India, serving over 5000 pin codes and over 40 cities. Additionally, the startup has impacted 45 lakh lives already at corporate premises / respective homes for retail and corporate clients.

Recognized and certified by DIPP, the health and wellness startup provides a plethora of wellness/fitness and healthcare servicing, along with additional COVID care programs along with EAP deployments and ease of health check-ups. Additionally, the startup provides Onsite testing at ones’ doorstep and specialized Onsite engagements, helping aspirants improvise life. The startup thoroughly assesses and understands the clients’ complete health status by performing both qualitative & quantitative assessments before delivering any service.

Rohit says, “COVID has changed life in many ways, and so have we tailor-made our ways to reach our consumers and altered with various additions to help improvise life with the pool of services that we offer.”

USP of Infinite Health Studios

Building a wellness culture by incorporating Yoga, Meditation, and Nutrition, Infinite Health Studio offers corporate wellness programs and Pharmaceutical Brand Management.

As part of the programs, the startup builds ideas of Doctor-Patient Programs and deploys yoga and engagement activities at Hospitals and clinics.

The startup has a highly experienced & focused team comprising of a large consortium of diagnostic labs, hospitals, doctors, health coaches, healthcare providers, and fitness experts servicing PAN India.

Rohit says, “I feel there are infinite possibilities and explorations of various kinds. IHS is happy to customize and be there across the country at every corner, measuring the need of our customers and delivering with a price point that is acceptable and services that are bundled with quality.

Infinite Health Studio also works as a wellness and healthcare partner to deploy a series of activities like Doctor consultations, Health checks Onsite, BFA/BMI Camps, Insurance companies to help promote group insurances. While staying bootstrapped, the startup has been able to sustain itself by being profitable over the last 3-4 years and 7.5 years in the industry. Over the years, the startup is growing at a pace of 5-6x.

As per Rohit, the financial year 2021-22 has been a great start with their COVID-19 care programs and vaccination drives.

With over crores of sales in the segment of vaccination in the first quarter (April-June), IHS is targeting 9- 10x growth this financial year by introducing partnerships with various insurance players where digital acquisition will play a key role.

The startup has generated one cr of revenue through vaccination drives and Rs 10 lakhs for COVID RT-PCR in around one quarter, along with additional revenue in wellness drive.

Rohit says that we have done over 25- 30 vaccination drives in a month, helping thousands of employees and their dependents get their jab with ease geographically widespread all across the country. The startup has empanelled 4500 professionals and experts, including Doctors, Paramedics, Fitness and Yoga trainers, etc., wherein they have impacted over 45 lakh lives – over 450 corporates that involve Fortune 500 companies.

Recently, Infinite Health Studios has collaborated with Indigo airlines and is running a social media campaign #BendItLike6E to motivate more people to take up Yoga. Infinite Health Studios will also organize yoga sessions for Indigo employees and their families.

Additionally, Infinite Health Studios has marked its presence in the Limca book of records, gained testimonials from Brands like TATA, Indigo Press releases, Delhi Police, and the Ministry of railways.

Future Plans

The startup aims to build a Pharmacy Platform, Testing, and COVID care programs for tier 3 and rural towns. As per Rohit, the startup wants to widespread its gamut of wellness and healthcare services to every pin code across the country to adapt in-person services at home or the corporate space.

Additionally, the startup aims to build an engagement platform for virtual and online features enabled with the maximum reach with most of the services.

The startup is also eyeing investment now as Rohit believes that he has a strong story to showcase with the revenue and top lines and the growing movement capitalized even amidst the COVID 19 outbreak. Furthermore, IHS has massive hiring plans, and the startup also aims to increase the portfolio of services deliverables to diversified industry segments.

“My vision is to be a one-stop healthcare and wellness service provider where all Insurance companies/Direct corporate clients can ask their employees and retail customers, with group customer portfolios, to adapt services at the convenience of their premises, engaging their respective family members and dependents as well,” says Rohit.