January 7: Buoyed by the emerging metaverses, wellness evangelist Biohacker

Sajeev Nair and Aditya Narayan is pioneering one of sub continent’s first metaverse in the health and wellness domain.

‘Limoverse’ is the ecosystem that envisions connecting millions of users and thousands of experts from across the planet. We caught up with the young CEO who is creating waves with his path-breaking initiative.

  1. What is Limoverse, and What are the revolutionary transformations it can bring?

The futuristic idea of Metaverse has been at the core of our company for long. We have been working with our researchers, doctors, economists on the same. Limoverse is a Metaverse where people ‘live, connect, heal, get well and most importantly contribute to a world outside the metaverse too’. It has become a buzzword in the industry, with organizations like Facebook going big on it. Our founder, Sajeev Nair, has been pointing out for years that ‘Metaverse is going to be the next big thing’. Limoverse is designed after deep research into all aspects of Health and Wellness. In short, the revolutionary approach that it brings is “grow beyond time and space as obstacles from connecting to anything.”

  •  Can you cite a real-life example of how it will work?

Imagine a doctor or researcher who is doing advanced research in the field of Meditation in a foreign university. He/she would like to know more about ancient science, the practice of meditation and its practical effects from a living expert who has practised meditation for years. Rather than listening to generic talks and non-specified content in the internet that may or may not be useful for his/her deep research work, in Limoverse, they can directly get in touch with people who are doyens in the domain.

All the experts and masters will be sharing their insights into nuances, personally connecting to the researcher and be a part of research work sitting thousands of kilometres apart from each other.

Limoverse is also embedded with live sessions, augmented reality sessions and cutting-edge technology that will enable illumination of minds.

The Masters can be rewarded with LIMO Tokens. These are ‘assets’ that can be earned by entering Limoverse and engaging meaningfully by being part of the ecosystem.

  • Can you elaborate more on the Limo Tokens?

Limo tokens are ‘Utility Tokens’ that has value inside the ecosystem. Its value is generated, enhanced and multiplied by the interaction and exchange that is happening inside the Limoverse.

One can earn Limos by spending time, sharing expertise and supporting with skills to enhance the eco-system.  The core of this eco-system is EPLIMO, which a highly comprehensive health data derived from genetic and metabolic analysis, which is stored in highly secure private blocks.  One can get rewarded by Limo tokens, even by sharing this health data with credible universities and researchers. Limoverse is built on a decentralized blockchain, and users will have absolute and final authority on their genetic data being used.

  • What was the inspiration behind such an innovative intervention?

Our founder Sajeev Nair is a powerful wellness evangelist and Biohacker.  He has been inspiring people to take charge of their own biology.  He founded a highly scientific process for hacking one’s own body and mind, which is called Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification (EPLIMO).  This provides a highly personalized lifestyle management program based on genetic and metabolic profiling.  The data is correlated using AI to provide EPLIMO report.  This process has been found quite effective by many health and wellness practitioners to personalize their services.  While a dietician can create a highly personalized diet plan using the EPLIMO, a fitness trainer can personalize the exercises, and a medical doctor can use the same information for personalized medication.

Here we saw a great opportunity to bring all these health and wellness practitioners and institutions in one decentralized ecosystem, where when a customer gives access to his/her data, practitioners could provide highly personalized solutions. 

In order to provide high levels of security for the personal health data for the customers and to give an absolutely decentralized environment to the practitioners, we decided to build this ecosystem on blockchain. That is how Limoverse was born. In addition, we saw the possibilities of making this platform truly global and having users and practitioners from around the globe so that people have choices.  This got us into thinking, why not create a more unified and united ‘Global Health& Wellness Village’ as we are living in a global digital village.

  • Would you share details about EPLIMO?

EPLIMO represents the best of Healthcare 5.0, where lifestyle modifications that are personalized, precise and preventive, work to either keep away diseases before they develop or manage them comprehensively, taking even the latest research findings into account. EPLIMO’s recommendations accommodate for advanced concepts like Nutrigenomics to explain how your genes affect your metabolism and how your foods affect your genes in return. Similarly, genes determine whether some exercise regimens are safe or worthwhile for you to pursue, and EPLIMO incorporates this too. The pleasant result is that EPLIMO delivers diets and exercises that specifically work for you and not prove risky for you.

But while EPLIMO has so far been a centralized solution pioneered by the Bengaluru headquartered health-tech startup, Vieroots Wellness Solutions, Limoverse will deploy and extend its reach across the world through this new metaverse so that physicians, specialist doctors, psychologists, counsellors, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, fitness specialists, gym trainers, alternative therapists, yoga teachers, health food chefs, and for that matter, anybody in the healthcare profession, can be a part of this, and further grow their reach, income and worldwide reputation. Users will be able to enter Limoverse and avail the of personal consultations, personalized diet plans, personalized fitness plans etc., from the experts of their choice.