New Delhi (India), March 28: Art enthusiasts at Dubai’s largest contemporary retail art fair ‘World Art Dubai 2022’ (WAD-2022) were enamored with the breathtaking beautiful artwork depicting the cultural traditions of Kerala by renowned artist, Pankaj Bawdekar.

WAD, the most anticipated art event by talented artists in the world, was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from March 16 to March 19. The art enthusiasts at the WAD were mesmerised with the experience of the Pooram procession to Pandi Melam that was beautifully demonstrated by Bawdekar in his artwork, traveling them to the great festivities of India.

Pankaj Bawdekar said, “Whenever I visit or see such festivities, my brain interacts with frenetically pulsating images reflective of my internal and responsive neuronal activity. However, these cultural festivals of Kerala have become the foreground subject of my paintings”

Bawdekar believes that his art stirs the soul and connects the art lover not only to the beauty of the human experience but also to what lies beyond our sight.

“Talented artists from various parts of the world are indebted to the WAD organizers for allowing us to demonstrate our core skills to the art enthusiasts,” said Bawdekar.

After the successful WAD event, Bawdekar is preparing to exhibit his artwork in the India Arts Festivals to be held in Delhi from April 7 to April 10 and at Bengaluru from  May 5 to May 8 respectively.