Mumbai: The importance of water in our lives cannot be overstated as our body is made up of 70 % water which is why it is important to be hydrated. Drinking the right water is important as it makes up a major part of our body and is a key factor in our wellness. Bharath Agarwal the young fitness enthusiast, understands the magic of drinking the “right water” which also helps in removing various illnesses and to an extent preventing chronic diseases. His quench for making the right water evolved as Booster Black Water, #BetterThenWater, #MoreThenWater

Humans tend to drink sugary beverages when they are feeling exhausted which tends to give an instant sugar rush, not knowing that this could have a negative impact on our health in the long run. If we consciously replace this intake with Booster Black Water, it keeps you hydrated and energetic for longer and also has a lot of other health benefits. It is a good replacement for sugary energy drinks.

Black Water is originally Black in colour as it contains fulvic minerals which make it black in colour. These minerals are found in the deep earth’s crust, formed from the decomposition of plants thousands of years back. Black water is infused with trace minerals and electrolytes that are important for proper hydration and absorption of nutrients. The highly absorbable 70+ minerals and electrolytes give what our body needs to function at its best. Having a pH value of more than 8.0 is also a great detox drink and also helps in flushing out toxins and heavy metals.

Apart from these benefits, what makes Booster Black Water a hit amongst athletes, celebrities, gym trainers and GenZ millennials is the high nutrient value which helps to improve digestion, aids to improve metabolism, lowers acidity, builds immunity, increases endurance and alertness and also the anti-ageing properties apart from others.

Talking about the same, Bharath Agarwal who has graduated from a Business School in London says, “With natural minerals found and sourced from the un-inhabited remote areas of Northern America, the water derived is completely natural. Booster Black Water is a super combo of daily essential trace minerals, vital nutrients and electrolytes, with an alkaline pH balance. The immense benefits from the regular intake of Booster Black Water will surely impact people’s lives in a positive way which is also what Booster Water is striving to do. Our goal is to create the availability and demand for the product not just among celebrities, Millennials, and Gen Z, but with all those who believe in healthy living.”

Booster water, a water-based beverage company, has also launched other variants of products such as Booster Alkaline water and Whiskey Water in the same category.

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